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“Epithet” by Erica Anzalone

Spring 2008, Volume 32, Number 1

You silkworm garden. You locust come forth. Scherzo, lucre, typo, zapruder.
Everything I have I don’t. Want to top you off? No, smoochy eyetooth.
Flashlight / called whir. Touch could be ouch in your dictionary. Muddy kiss
& weigh the flesh. / Here’s to tutu and tata, fruit loops and the wire-haired!
We went which way, we bent / at the sea. Please pull the clouds over my
body. Why are you always?

Erica Anzalone is a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. She is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Drake University, where she teaches literature and creative writing. Her poems have appeared in Denver Quarterly, Pleiades, Sentence, and elsewhere.


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