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Fall Issue 32.2 Out Now!

David King – Danny Dutch
Aaron Crippen – Artist Statement, Bomber, and When I Grow Small

Liz Prato – Astronomical Objects
John McDermott – Burden and Tinder
Randall Brown – Future Perfect Tense
Susan Robison – The Night Garden
Shelley Ettinger – John and Yoko and Rowena and Me
Lawrence Cady – Paradise, California

Susan Sterling – Accidental Dog
Patti Hovarth – From All the Difference: A memoir of scoliosis

B.J. Best – The Extended Forecast
Andrea L. Watson – Seven Reasons Why Frida Kahlo Is Found Alive and Well in Taos and Woman. Storm. Fish. Braid.
Kevin Carollo – Slower Forests and Refrigerator Heaven
Matt Zambito – Read My lips and Locusts
Gary Soto – Thinking Like Knut Hamsun and A Drive to the Foothills
Sara Wallace – You
Jen Bills – Holes
Michael Salcman – I Never Bent a Spoon or Stopped a Locomotive
Amelia Gray – From Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Death Notices — 1887-1889
Sam Byfield – Borderlands
Lilah Hegnauer – Mapleton Hill and Body Moving Like a Broad Stitch in Linen
Emily Perez – Home and Interview With the Thief
Lara Frankena – Reading a Second-Hand Brautigan in the Bathtub and Gentleness in the Toolshed
Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor – Recalls Due To Violation of Lead Paint Standard
Robbie Q. Telfer – Dear Facial Oils
Marilyn McCabe – Eve on the Edge
Christi Clancy – Steps to Plan
Alison Powell – New Hymn and Detestande Feritatis
Abby Gambrel – The Breakup
Margaret MacInnis – Family Snapshot
Hildred Crill – From the Smallest, Farthest Island of the Archipelago
Jennifer Perrine – Portrait of My Mother as a Kitchen Utensil
Devin Becker – A Poem Translated . . .
Changxin Fang – Adam and Eve
Keith Montesano – Poem To Jess in Maine in the Song of the Great Black-Backed Gulls
Karen Holmberg – All This Fits in the Palm of Your Hand
Erika Mueller – Gretel

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