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Welcome, Spring 2010 issue! 34.1 is now available!

After many hours of editing, assembling, re-editing, and proofing, our “Spring” 2010 issue has finally arrived in our office, albeit 2 or 3 months past the usual date. It will be shipping shortly to independent and not-so-independent booksellers (mainly, Barnes & Noble) next week. You can also print a mail order form here. (We’re working on navigating the institutional pathways to enable online sales; that should be an added feature to our site this fall.)

While it took a bit longer than expected, we’re very proud of this mammoth issue. With a final page count around 245, it’s one of our largest issues ever–and it’s saturated with the best variety of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction (whatever that means…) that we could find.

Some of the highlights of this issue include our annual literary prize winners, as determined by three of our very favorite writers, Kathy Fagan, Jesse Lee Kercheval, and David Treuer: Haines Eason for poetry, Eson Kim for creative nonfiction, and Roger Sheffer for fiction. We also have an original translation of acclaimed Peruvian writer Edgardo Rivera Martinez’s short story, “Azurite,” the first time this fantastic story has been published in English. Additionally, you’ll find a feature section of flash nonfiction and comics from the esteemed John Porcellino.

To see a complete table of contents, click here. And, while I have you, thanks for reading and visiting–and for your continued support of cream city review. To order an issue, click here.

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