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Issue 36.1

Eric Tanyavutti - Brothers
Josh Collins - Exceeding Capacity
Sam Panarella - Montana 94
Elisa Fernandez-Arias - Song of the Young Prostitute, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1986
Suzanne Rindell - The Mechanical Man
Adam Reger - The Night the Washington General Beat the Harlem Globetrotters
Helen Maryles Shankman - The Whore of Solna Street

Sara Backer - La Gata
Mark Lewandowski - Out of Bodies
Dionisia Morales - The Color of Memory
David R. O’ Gorman – Second Person

Ricardo Pau-Llosa - Venal Sins Man
Keith Montesano - The Author as Man Watching the Lake Shore Strangler Try to Escape as Gunshots Ring Out in Child’s Play; The Author as Man Who Watches through the Trees as Bruce Gets Killed after Being Struck by the Convertible in The Informers
Mary Lou Buschi - Departure with Still Life
John Sibley Williams - Older Testaments
Sarah Wangler - Lake of the Clouds Writes to Marianne
Sean Thomas Dougherty - Sonogram
Gary Dop - Russia’s Salyut 4 Space Station
Lo Kwa Mei-en - The Body with an Elegy Inside of It; Left to Those I Love
Daniel Tobin - At the Mountain of Death
Fred Cardin - Astronaut
Montreux Rotholtz - Relapse
Brenna W. Lemieux - The Gospel of Household Plants
Caley O’ Dwyer - Reds
Leonore Hildebrandt - Burnt Umber
Corey Van Landingham - The Chair & The Birdcage; Confessional
Claudia Cortese - More Bubbles Where She Came From
Ben Purkert - Elasticity of a Good
Joshua Ware - Think of People as Buildings
Kyla Sterling - Warnings & Fables; Self-Portrait in a Chinese Fable
Matt McBride - City of Ringing Telephones
Colleen Coyne - The Sin Eater
Jacob Oet - At One
Natalie Scenters-Zapico - A Torero’s Daughter is Killed in La Plaza de Toros, Juarez; I Light the House on Fire and Lie Down
Doug Ramspeck - Dawn Song
Kara Arguello - Ghazal


Echolocation by Myfanwy Collins (reviewed by Nick Ripatrazone)

Catherine Taylor interviewed by Andy Fitch

Kris French - Sistas, Terrible Nightmare, Melting, Untitled
Jing Zhou - Randomness, Totality, Walt Disney Concert Hall