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Volume 32.1

A. Bill Miller - Interview, Artist’s Statement, and Artwork

Eric Anzalone - Epithet
Michelle Bonczek - Where I Turn Bad
Anemone Beaulier - Pica
Reginald Dwayne Betts - “The Combination Made My Eyes Bleed”
Kimberley Campanello - European Union
  - Playback
Abigail Cloud - In Which Angel Goes On A Bender
  - The Demon of Hidden Birds
James Cushing - We Trotted Through Murmuring Hedges Toward an Old Castle Where Strange Adventures Awaited Us
  - Emily’s Timing
Ben Berman - A True Story About Zimbabwe Cain
  - Endings
AJ Collins - Sent
Helen Degen Cohen - In the book of night writing is written
P. Ivan Young - Beneath the Sea
Sarah Gemmill - On a Mother Dead in Childbirth
Shrode Hargis - from Chiaroscuros
Terita Heath-Wlaz - Goodbye Persia
  - Know Your Signifier
  - Old Town
Brent House - Pastoral
Charity Ketz - Sparrow Collection
Paul Legault - To the General’s Wife
Susie Meserve - Ghost
James Pate - New Year
Jennifer Perrine - Walking Home After the Graveyard Shift
Josie Sigler - I’ll Be Him, You Be You
Melinda R. Smith - A Pufferfish!
  - Fear Is A House
Abraham Smith - Elementary Blues
Crystal Williams - Sentences to a Niece About A Man
Mark Yakich - Weltschmerz, Lied About Where It Came From

Andrew Mortazavi - Head Just Over Water
Matthew Edward Myers - Exposed Wires
Trudy Lewis - Lazy Susan
Chris Leslie-Hynan - Irish Cream

Derek Mong
- Dramatic, Custom Built Spanish Colonial
Amy Wegner Ho - The Cowboy Way
Dawn Tefft - Book Review: Message in a Bottle, a Genetic Sequence, and a Binary Code: Jaswinder Bolina’s Carrier Wave

Ulf K.
- Hieronymus B.
  - Night and Day
Nicolas Mahler
- Rechts

John Bolger
- An Interview with Pam Houston
Dawn Tefft, Dalia Gomaa
- Transhistorical Perspectives, Interlingual Assonance, and Dissolving Poems

Matthew W. Schmeer
- The Old Poets
Jenna Duncan
- You Were in a Flood
Bethany Lee
- After Running Four Blocks in a Night Storm

Sara Wallace
- You
Jeff P. Jones
- The Night the Winter Palace Was Taken
Anne Kornblatt
- The Writer of the Body